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In Uganda today, hundreds of LGBT+ persons have no place to call home.  Many are kicked out of their homes by homophobic and transphobic families, forced to flee conservative communities/families, evicted due to stigma, violence and discrimination. 

The lived experiences of LGBT+ homeless persons in Uganda has led to the creation of The Shelters Consortium that is steered by six LGBT+ organizations (Wave of Legacy Alliance Initiative, Kuchu Shiners Uganda, Let’s Walk Uganda, Happy Family Youth Uganda, Twilight Support Initiative and Initiative for Persons Infected and Affected) and advised by three minority focused organisations (Sexual Minorities Uganda, Spectrum Uganda Initiative, Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum) ; to address the needs of challenged LGBT+ persons and is guided by principles of harm reduction, livelihood, development, and empowerment. 

We recognize that guiding homeless LGBT+ persons towards stability and maintaining an accessible support system is crucial. The UMSC aims to foster an environment where LGBT+ Ugandans can thrive in to transitioning and independence if we are going to foster an environment where LGBT+ Ugandans can thrive and successfully transition to self-sufficiency and independent lively hoods.

The primary goal is to ensure all homeless LGBT+ persons who walk through the shelter’s doors find, secure housing, safety and protection, adequate healthcare, opportunities for education, employment and a loving community where they can belong without living in fear.



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